Claudia on 12/12/2018

Trends 2019: The new year will be the year of digital entertainment!

The new year will be the year of entertainment - of digital entertainment! And we're not talking about the simple VR glasses with 360° content: The customers and the technology are already there. It's about on-site experiences that turn into an unforgettable event through their new, playful and intriguing interaction. The possibilities are manifold. For the season opening of Eintracht Frankfurt, for example, we developed the 3D installation "Buddy Mode": two players of the team were virtualized via a 3D scan and brought to life via a connected actor. Fans were able to interact with their idols all day long and take selfies with them.

For Deutsche Telekom we have realized a multi-user racing game for IFA Berlin. Users can use their smartphone as a remote control to fly drones through different levels. Next to it stood a digital pinball machine, which brought the visitors closer to a Telekom offer playfully. Often there have been long lines at all installations - more than 4,000 players have already tried our interactive games.

We summarize these little attractions as "Micro Amusement Parks". These are installations that are primarily aimed at entertaining the guests and creating a childlike enthusiasm. How successful this can be is demonstrated by our project "Ulm Stories". You can fly on a flight simulator with VR glasses through the Ulm of the year 1890. This attraction is not only a (viral) success for the city marketing, the organizers take even a small amount of admission.

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