Claudia on 11/28/2018

‚Demodern – Digital Agency‘ becomes ‚Demodern – Creative Technologies‘

Innovative technologies and creative high-end solutions. Digital services for brands, products or events. Regardless of platform, technology or channel, this has always been our main business. Under the leadership of our two managing partners Alexander El-Meligi and Kristian Kerkhoff, around 90 specialists are now developing augmented and virtual reality applications, highend 3D configurators, interactive POS terminals and games, and interactive trade show installations. We will integrate this orientation into the company name and call ourselves 'Demodern - Creative Technologies' from now on.

"We owe our strong market presence the term 'digital agency'. In the past this has made it easier for many customers to use our services and find us. However, we now have problems with the term "digital agency" because it only partially describes our focus or our orientation. The agency market has changed a lot due to the rapid development of new topics and technologies and will continue to do so. Therefore, we expect from the term "Creative Technologies" to provide clearer readability of our focus and services as well as concrete positioning", explains Alex. Kristian adds: "It's no coincidence that agencies are under pressure. On the client side, there are more and more people who have a concrete clue about the business and know exactly what they want and recognize the opportunities that exist. And here we come: We stand for the demanding, which has not reached so far, the highlight, the qualitative difference. Without putting too much into the notion of 'Creative Technology', it's damn close to our positioning."

Thus, Kristian and Alex see the renaming as an opportunity for a better understanding of what we stand for: Creativity combined with technology. This combination enables us to develop innovative solutions that go beyond what has been known in digital marketing so far. Furthermore, by positioning ourselves as a service provider specialized in "Creative Technologies", we not only clearly differentiate ourselves from the majority of digital agencies, but also make ourselves independent of the current discussion about the future of the agencies.   

Our strong growth also proves that companies' demand for creative technology solutions, especially in the area of AR, VR and 3D. Since 2015, our team has more than quadrupled, from 20 to 90 employees.