Virtual Reality

We design and develop powerful virtual reality applications for commerce, showrooms, trade shows, mobile devices, VR platforms, and the Web. Learn more about our solutions here.

We design and develop powerful virtual reality applications for commerce, showrooms, trade shows, mobile devices, VR platforms, and the Web. Learn more about our solutions here.



We develop virtual reality solutions for use in showrooms and stores. This allows users to experience a special brand or product experience. Virtual reality enables visualization of a wide range of products, brands, and personalized product configurations in a small physical space with maximum impact on the user.

Mobile VR app

We develop cross-platform virtual reality applications for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows, making possible ideal distribution of content. This includes real-time 3D content, product configurators, 360° panoramas, and interactive films. Mobile virtual reality applications provide a maximized and location-independent product or brand experience.

VR trade show experiences

Virtual reality allows trade show visitors and guests to immerse themselves into vast brand and product worlds that go beyond the limits of physics. The average length of stay at booths is significantly increased through information and entertainment. For trade shows, we design and develop powerful product, game, and brand experiences.

WebVR experiences

WebVR technology allows users access to an immersive 3D experience right in their Web browser. In addition to the informational and formal contents of your website, WebVR enables an exclusive and immersive 3D experience that in turn serves as a particularly lasting entertainment, brand, or product experience.


Innovative brand experience

With VR, brands are able to provide a unique experience on all platforms, whether in showrooms, at trade shows, or on the Web. The values of the brand can be experienced through virtual reality, making them more tangible and powerful.


Promote the decision to buy

Customers can make quicker and more specific buying decisions since virtual reality provides a new level of information and experience. This provides more transparency, since products are simulated in their natural context and their specific use can be explained and visualized.


Provide a B2B & B2C product experience

Independent of physical constraints, companies can use VR to provide visualizations of products and product lines and demonstrate their features through simulations of actual use. Products can be experienced interactively, which significantly influences the decision to buy.


Expansion beyond physical constraints

Virtual reality makes possible the visualization of complex, expansive spaces and environments. A physically bounded space can be expanded without limitation. Physical space is often costly and limited, particularly in retail and at trade shows. Extensive product and brand portfolios can be visualized and portrayed using VR.


Innovative services & tools

Virtual reality makes innovative services possible and can also be used within companies as a tool for simulating complex processes, products, prototypes, or scenarios. This makes optimization, error correction, or adjustment of goals possible at an early stage, such as in planning or design.


Key Features


Here you will find the features and options that support our digital installations. There are numerous possibilities for combination. We design each application specifically for the respective use case or business goal and recommend an ideal setup.

Mobile platforms

We develop mobile VR solutions for iOS and Android.

High-end 3D worlds

We design expansive 3D worlds for an immersive VR experience.


Collect valuable information about user behavior and the application through analytics.

Oculus & Steam Store

Increase the reach and penetration of the application with VR platforms.

Real-time content

Make it possible to experience and visualize information in VR by linking the application with real-time data.

360° panoramas & videos

Use photo and video panoramas to allow users to walk through and experience spaces.

Content management

Our VR solutions can access data in existing CMS systems.


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