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With a lot of love for design, we develop online experiences for web, mobile, and on-site installations that allow captivating interactivity through the use of the latest web technologies such as WebGL and various frameworks.

With a lot of love for design, we develop online experiences for web, mobile, and on-site installations that allow captivating interactivity through the use of the latest web technologies such as WebGL and various frameworks.


Brand experience

Modern and impressive interactions make all the difference in brand communication, since they capture customer interest and give people something to talk about. Our experts in development, design, illustration, 3D, production, text, and sound work closely together so that users can experience all of this intensely with all of their senses.


Products that are suited to being individually extended, assembled, or specified by means of configurators become an experience for customers. Whether 2D or 3D, we help with the development of such configurators and provide all consulting, conceptual planning, integration, design, usability, programming, and development services.

Cross-device applications

In order to be able to provide a lasting brand or product experience, we take advantage of modern web technologies even for applications that are specially designed for exhibits or the POS. This includes infowalls with real-time data, interactive tables with product recognition, and kiosk systems that make products and information available through shopping functions and services.

Web apps

We develop applications that reach target groups through all digital channels and devices. We use web technologies to dynamically display content via web, mobile, tablets, and even larger touch displays, according to the specific use case.


Unique brand experience

Using web technologies, all types of content and formats can easily be blended and displayed. With a good concept and a design that fits, it is possible to create impressive user experiences that can be experienced by all target groups, anywhere in the world.


Flexibility and consistency

Presentation in the browser allows web applications to be viewable across all devices. Content can be replaced dynamically, and updates and changes can be easily implemented. Since interfaces (APIs) exist for many ERP systems, databases, and even social networks, a wide range of back-end architectures can easily be integrated.


Promote the decision to buy

Since buying decisions are increasingly influenced by online research and one's own perception of a brand, good web experiences seek to leave behind a lasting impression and motivate the user to also specifically comment on the product on the Web.


Key Features


Here you will find the features and options that support our digital installations. There are numerous possibilities for combination. We design each application specifically for the respective use case or business goal and recommend an ideal setup.


When properly designed, web experiences can be experienced and used across different devices (tablet, smartphone, desktop, touch).


Web GL makes possible new options for the presentation of spatial content on the Web. It can be used to create realistic 3D visualizations that are rendered in real time.

Video experiences

High bandwidths and new web technologies make possible large video backgrounds and interactive film sequences within a website.


With animations such as scrolling via CSS scripts, new modes of narrative can be used to provide access to the content.

Responsive design

Allows adaptation of the content to the respective device. This provides a high degree of usability on different devices.

Adaptive design

Intelligent websites can present the correct content, independent of situation. Interactions that become no longer relevant can in turn be hidden again. (e.g. airport map)


Purchasing processes can for all intents and purposes be completed instantly. Web experiences are entertaining, sales-promoting tools.

Digital ecosystem

Using API integration, websites become "digital centers" and hubs between databases, apps, campaigns, and other media.

Conversational Interfaces

Through the development of a character for the brand experience, Conversational interfaces provide a completely new form of user interaction.


Smooth integration of video, image, audio, and text content allows web experiences to be the ideal setting for captivating, inspiring storytelling for a brand or a product.


Microinteractions make an online experience come to life as a journey of exploration, thereby promoting user interaction with the brand.


The use of game elements in a non-game context gives the user positive feedback and increases user engagement.


Virtual worlds can be experienced on a website via WebVR/AR. This takes place either via PC-connected VR glasses or via smartphone.


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