Mobile Applications

There are mobile apps for nearly every imaginable purpose – from useful e-commerce tools to gaming and entertainment. We develop intuitive-to-use native apps and cross-platform mobile web applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Watch and wearables.

There are mobile apps for nearly every imaginable purpose – from useful e-commerce tools to gaming and entertainment. We develop intuitive-to-use native apps and cross-platform mobile web applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Watch and wearables.


Mobile service

We provide flexible and intelligent mobile apps that make use of well-designed interfaces and state-of-the-art technologies. Through travel guides, service app solutions, and in-door navigation with location-based services (LBS), we make it possible to solve every-day problems with connected mobile devices.

Conversational assistants

We design mobile applications that promote dialogue, whether within a community, between brands or services, or even through the assistance of messaging bots. We use codes and bots to deliver contextually appropriate starting points for entertaining and informative dialogue. We also program the bot intelligence to convey natural tonality and texts.

AR/VR and mixed reality

We use the newest technologies and the design data of our customers' products to create fascinating, custom-designed virtual experiences. The result is virtual worlds for mobile VR headsets and impressive mixed reality applications that can be used for cutting edge planning visualizations, e-commerce, configurators.

Connected environments

Invisible, smart, and ever-present, the gadgets and devices of the Internet of Things will dominate our everyday lives. We develop environments that enable intelligent devices to access relevant services through chips, tags, and sensors so that customized content can be delivered to people in real time.

Shopping experience

Our concepts and apps provide ideal solutions for mobile commerce. We integrate our applications with merchandise management systems and provide stimulation to buy through added value, configurators, and services. Particularly at the POS, we provide fast, innovative solutions through smart checkout ideas (via codes, Wi-Fi, NFC, or bea-cons).


Personal brand communication

Today there is an app for nearly everything, whether one wants to conveniently make purchases using a smartphone, search for an unusual game, or participate in social net-works. Particularly for companies that focus their business activities on the Internet, apps provide numerous new opportunities in e-commerce and brand communication.


Situational context applications

Context, navigation, and personalization are fundamental aspects of mobile services, since the location of mobile end devices changes constantly and the devices are able to respond to this information. Sensor technology therefore provides devices with valuable information. In this way, apps are able to display content that is currently relevant to the user's situation.


Make direct contact

Mobile phones have become constant life companions and the communications hub for a person's circle of friends and acquaintances. Successful communication provides an interface to the user through their mobile phone. Mobile phones can be used to engage with the customer as a brand through apps at the POS, for example, or to provide contact-less payment systems in retail stores.


Key Features


Here you will find the features and options that support our digital installations. There are numerous possibilities for combination. We design each application specifically for the respective use case or business goal and recommend an ideal setup.

Augmented reality

Allows for the representation of selected objects in the real camera view. This makes astonishing visualizations possible for configurations and construction planning.

Virtual reality

The mobile phone is the most widely used and most portable form of VR consumption. Stunning virtual experiences are possible even with simple cardboard viewers.

Native apps

Native code allows the creation of high-performance apps and solutions that are individually customized to specific devices.

Web apps

For apps that don't have much offline functionality, mobile applications written in HTML are the simpler and leaner solution.

Push notifications

Push notifications are the ultimate attention grabber. Combined with local networking, push notifications provide relevant information on the user's specific situation.


Geofencing makes it possible to only offer services or content when the user is at a specific location, for example vouchers or information on waiting times.


Many tools included in mobile phones can facilitate useful interactions. For example, the accelerometer can be used as a shaking function or to replace swiping gestures.


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