SNIPES App: Social Commerce

SNIPES is a premier urban clothier and lifestyle retailer. Priding itself on cultivating an intense passion for its brand, SNIPES was lacking a digital presence that reflected that admiration. Together, we set out with SNIPES to create an App that could activate, reward, and connect its highly social and loyal customer base in addition to a needed e-commerce upgrade. We don't want to just sell products to people, we want to enhance and enable a rich digital community, reward them for their purchase and participation, and keep them engaged for as long as possible.

A Digital Transformation & New Business Model

To begin, we surveyed the marketplace to uncover a deeper understanding of how SNIPES stacks up in a highly competitive market. We discovered that the SNIPES customer feels like they are part of the SNIPES story. They desire interaction, to be rewarded for that interaction, and to help shape the future of the brand. Our solution: transform SNIPES digital presence with a new business model centered around Loyalty, Community and Commerce.

Community Engagement

The result is a digitalized blend of social media and retail commerce, or "Social Commerce". Instead of simply browsing through images of primped up models and out-of-touch influencers, SNIPES has a look-book open to its entire customer base. Users can share their style and shop the styles of others in one single place, effectively democratizing the face of SNIPES.

Community Engagement

Become part of the conversation

Create your own content

The heart-beat of the app is the Home Feed, where users can see the hottest looks and highlighted features from SNIPES. We built a custom content creation and editing suite that allows users to intuitively upload or snap photos and videos. Users can then customize their content with filters, text, traditional editing tools, as well as custom SNIPES themed animated stickers.

Tag the products you are wearing

Want to show off your new Yeezy's? What about that dope new hoodie?. To truly give the voice to the customers, users are encouraged to tag the products they are wearing. Users can bring up their recent purchase history to select a product or search through the SNIPES catalog to match their outfit. Now, simply tap on someone's photo or video and directly add those products to your shopping cart.

Shop the look

Building on our market research, "shopping the look" became our killer feature. SNIPES customers are looking to create a dialogue - a relationship with the brand. Instead of simply consuming content, they can become the content on their own terms. The result is a completely different way to browse for products online.

We aren't done yet

The SNIPES App is a revolutionary new e-commerce concept that brings the brand and its customers together. But this is only the beginning. Our platform is only scratching the surface of potential innovations in retail commerce. The future holds many new feature enhancements and upgrades as we continue to listen and learn from this vibrant community.

Our production partners

Astound Commerce - Salesforce und Shop-Pages
digitalDNA UG - Programm Management / Consulting


SNIPES App: Social Commerce