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Welcome to Demodern

We are one of the leading specialists for Creative Technologies. Since 2008 we have been designing and developing digital communication for all sectors. Our international team of specialists work passionately and collaboratively on digital solutions – from websites, mobile apps, store & event installations down to virtual reality applications. Our goal is to create high-quality, digital communication that makes an impact.

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Overview of our projects
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Digital by nature

Digital communication is our passion. To enable us to approach every project in a way that is relevant and in keeping with the times, our work is divided into three core areas:

  • Strategy

    With our finger on the pulse, we establish common objectives and success factors and always work with the big picture in mind.

  • Design

    We design in a holistic way. The best possible user experience is just as important to us as an aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

  • Technology

    Programming is the piece of the jigsaw that completes our design. In addition to professional skills, our developers contribute their own ideas and visions.

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