Claudia on 4/23/2018

Recap: CATCH - the Demodern showroom in Cologne

CATCH - the Demodern Showroom took place for the second time in our Cologne office at Lichtstraße. During a whole week our guests could explore innovative technologies like virtual and augmented reality, conversational interfaces, product configurators or gesture controlled installations in the context of digital POS.

Come in and get caught

Visitors to our foyer could not only furnish their homes with our IKEA Virtual Reality Showroom - they were also able to swing over the clouds in VR, try out Parador's digital Flooring Guide as if they were at the real point of sale, or could go on a small AR-izona Rattlesnake race with our augmented reality app.

IM.PRINT - the magic of technology, design and sound

We have already introduced you to our IM.PRINT in one of our past blog entries - this creative idea has now been expanded and worked out.

The visitors could find IM.PRINT in the "Red Room"! Completely darkened and covered with reflective foil, the room had something magical when entering - the strong sound effects in the background made the atmosphere even more extraordinary. The only light when entering the room: the DMDRN logo on the foil. In the middle of the room, a terminal that reacts to hand movements and projects various artworks on the walls. The installation was topped off with aligned sound effects. Those who wanted more could also scan their fingers and admire their own identity in strong colors on the mirrored foil.

Go on a secret mission

We enabled our visitors to feel once like James Bond with our Realtime VR Gaming Experience created for Dräger. Using an Oculus Rift VR headset and the associated Room Scale VR equipment, the user dives into an oil rig scenery, learns the interaction options and then executes an exciting job.

Once fair and back

To show visitors what we offer at US American trade fairs, they were able to try out three of our Gatorade installations and we let them know how the digital multi-touch pods and multi-touch displays are working. 

Configure your car and bra(r)

Besides they could configure a BRA with our NIKE Mix and Match Shopping Terminal or find their perfectly tailor-made smart with our 3D Car Configurator in WebGL.

Let's go to the Geek Raum

Realtime Projection Mapping - that was a real magnet for many visitors. In our lab, we are currently developing the first real-time projection mapping on moving objects. And that wanted to be presented in the right light.

The Open Day

To show our friends and families what we are doing at Demodern, we opened our doors on a Saturday and spent a very sunny day with cool drinks, delicious sausages and super nice people! On this way, we would like to thank everyone who visited us during our Showroom Week and helped us to make CATCH a great success in Cologne. 

CATCH on tour

In May Hamburg will follow and we will show more experiences and installations in our Werkhalle at Schulterblatt.