Claudia on 10/10/2017

Between hummus, falafel and design – Demodern at the OFFF in Tel Aviv

"Everything reflects" – following the slogan of the OFFF TVL 2017 Giulia, Luis und Lisa Marleen from our Cologne team have made themselves on the way to Israel to find enlightenment – but not, because they followed the star of Bethlehem - they wanted to get inspired by the design festival. In the course of this it was not only about the conference and cool innovations, but also about getting to know the extraordinary country, its culture, the city and, above all, the people behind this unique festival. From self-designed beverages over falafel to self-labeled beer - the three have tasted, absorbed and above all: they have enjoyed.

Tel Aviv With Love

Meet Israeli Design – from designers for designers

Everything Reflects Tlv


The Tel aviv based design studio studio&more was responsible for the OFFF TLV 2017 campaign. The studio did all the branding and additionally Nitsan Rozenberg - owner of studio&more - and his partner Liri Argov were co-founder of OFFFTLV 2017.

Credits: OFFFTLV Instagram

STUDIO KONIAK – use it don’t abuse it

Studio Koniak is a Branding Consultancy located in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel. The studio specializes in branding, marketing strategy, digital design, motion graphics, art-direction and packaging. Accurately and intelligently they create timeless expressions to a range of clients in the fields of hospitality, fashion, culinary, beauty and lifestyle. We were very impressed by the speaker Nurit Koniak & Natasha Boguslavsky.

International Design Studios

The Mill - always developing

Academy awards winners The Mill is the world's first fully digital end-to-end VFX studio. Talent with technology, artistry with rigor, the familiar with the fantastic. Very impressive is the The Mill BLACKBIRD: A car that can take the look and feel of any other car. The Blackbird is equipped with a 3-D laser scanner and HDR cameras, which permanently examine the environment and the interior. In post-production, the chassis and the cockpit of any car can then be placed on the computer via CGI technology on the Blackbird.

Steve Simpson - old hare in business

With over 30 years of experience, Steve Simpson from Ireland is renowned for his hand lettered packaging design, whimsical characters and illustrated barcodes. His work for the #ROADtoIMM17 campaign was impressive. He drew the tripp from Munich to Westport, Ireland on a real Mini car in the form of diary entries.

B-REEL - #humanzhouseparty

As a Swedish creative agency for modern brands, B-REEL creates meaningful experiences through innovation in storytelling, technology, entertainment and products. Extremely cool we found their ideas for the launch of the new album of the band Gorillaz. Together with the band, they developed a mixed-reality mobile app, which enabled the fans to experience the world of Murdoch and Co. in a very special way through VR, AR and 360 ° experiences, and listen to the album 24 hours before release in a very special place.

STUDIO FURIOUS – shake your handbag, baby

Studio Furious is a Graphic Design & Art Direction studio located in Paris. The studio cooks up Design, Culture, Fashion, Fooding & Architecture projects. They are known for their colorful, surreal & fun scenes. 

Making friends in Tel Aviv

WIX studios

Luckily Lisa Marleen, Luis and Giulia had their Demodern backpacks with them (non-binding recommendation from our side - get your own one) and were addressed by the company that one of the main sponsors of the OFFF TLV 2017. WIX studios - Tel Aviv based company that offers an online website building platform. The WIX design team is one of the largest in-house design studio in Israel and has developed the teaser for the OFFF TLV. 

Our team was invited to visit the studios in the port of Tel Aviv and was enthusiastic about the open offices, the oversized great art on the walls (artists: and especially from the terrace with a view to the Mediterranean. Who would not want to lunch like this?