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Mazda: Relaunch of the digital platform "FindMyMazda

- Germany's largest Mazda vehicle database, with more than 28,000 vehicles, offers various new functions such as online vehicle reservation

- A revised layout increases the user-friendliness and enables faster contact with retailers

- The facilitation of content maintenance for Mazda dealers through the presentation of top offers, and an internal dealer photo app for easy creation of vehicle advertisements

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Mazda is giving its vehicle database a large update. In July 2015 Mazda Motors Germany was one of the first car manufacturers to launch its own online vehicle exchange „FindMyMazda“, a platform to present the entire vehicle stock of German Mazda dealers to their customers. This includes new vehicles, registered vehicles, and the addition of used vehicles last year. With currently over 28,000 listings, FindMyMazda offers Germany's largest selection of Mazda models on the Internet. In addition to the current vehicle stock, FindMyMazda also shows users the Mazda dealers' vehicle order history. This unique selling point differentiates the platform from other car exchanges and underlines the attractiveness of FindMyMazda for all interested parties. 

Now Mazda has significantly improved user-friendliness and added new functions to the platform. The new layout navigation has been considerably modernised and reduced so that users can find their way around faster. Fewer clicks are needed to find the vehicle of their choice and to make a dealer enquiry. The focus of this revision was to provide an intuitive user experience - while also being responsive on mobile devices. Furthermore, users can now make a reservation request for a vehicle conveniently via the online platform to the Mazda dealer offering the vehicle.

In addition to the increased user-friendliness, it was important for Mazda Germany to optimise the maintenance of vehicle offers for Mazda dealers. Dealers can now mark selected vehicles as "top offer", which are then highlighted on the platform. In addition, FindMyMazda provides their dealers with further customisations such as the display of individual discounts, the indication of opening hours and dealer information, or the creation and upload of their own vehicle photos.

In order to make it easier for Mazda dealers to post their advertisement listings and to standardise the appearance of vehicles on the platform, Mazda launched a dealer photo app last year. In order to make the upload process as simple as possible for dealers, the application enables the creation of professional and consistent images: Using templates and guidelines, vehicles are easily photographed at the optimal angle. Vehicle data is then integrated directly by scanning the VIN or selecting the model from an inventory list. Photos and vehicle information from the app can then be transferred directly to Mazda's own dealer management system ‘MACS’, the FindMyMazda sales platform, and external vehicle exchanges. The end result is not only a helpful time-saving tool for the dealers, but also an efficient professionalization of the brand image across FindMyMazda.

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As of 2020, the platform already receives more than six million page impressions, which are fully integrated on the Mazda customer website, as well as the centrally provided dealer websites. "With FindMyMazda we bring customers and dealers closer together by connecting the online and offline worlds. With the relaunch, we have succeeded in intensifying this connection once again and further advancing digitalization in the Mazda cosmos," says Bernhard Kaplan, Managing Director of Mazda Motors Deutschland GmbH. Part of the relaunch process involved intensive remote workshops for such activities as benchmark competitor analysis, which included broader digital eCommerce platforms in addition to the automotive sector. In this context, Georg Schulte, Senior Manager Digital Business, emphasizes the constructive cooperation during the Covid-19-related lock-down: "During the contact restrictions, the project team acted exclusively from the home office and used digital tools in creative brainstorming sessions and virtual project meetings to launch a high-quality product that serves the needs of both our customers and our dealers. We expect the increased user-friendliness to result in increased online leads for our dealers".

FindMyMazda is managed by the Digital Business Team at Mazda, which was created two years ago to further promote digitization within the company and Mazda retail. The team also develops the Mazda website in close consultation with their colleagues from Mazda Europe, is responsible for the centrally provided dealer websites, and manages digital innovation projects in cross-functional teams. On the creative agency side, Demodern — Creative Technologies is responsible for the FindMyMazda platform renewal and developed the photo app in cooperation with agency partner Carix. Since April 2020, the in-house dealer management system MACS has also been integrated into the digital team. All digital projects are thus thought through and implemented from the online world to the physical dealer contact on-site.


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