internationale tanzmesse nrw

Virtual Event Experience in WebVR

We at Demodern have developed a web-based virtual event experience for the internationale tanzmesse nrw, which makes the event for the first time ever also digitally accessible. Based on our ve. platform, the digital space enables exhibitors, visitors and experts equally to participate virtually at one of the most important international dance events. For visitors on site, the space can also be explored in WebVR. (Photocredits © Dirk Rose)

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A digital space for a hybrid event experience

With up to 2,000 international exhibitors and visitors, Tanzmesse is considered one of the most important networking events for international dance creators. Based on our ve. platform, we pursued the goal of creating a digital space that reflects the corporate design of internationale tanzmesse nrw, enables a digital dialogue while at the same time providing enough space for the multitude of content and artists curated by Anneliese Ostertag. During the event, artistic works by Choy Ka Fai, Ligia Lewis, Joana Chicau and Jonathan Reus, Robin Jonsson could be experienced. And to top it all of, is also available in Virtual Reality ;-)

ve. Platform

Our ve. Platform inherently offers the possibility for individualization in terms of branding, color and content. Equipped with various screens across the two areas, different videos of artistic practices can be played. In addition, a simple user interface provides an easy access to features like the event scheduling tool or the avatar configuration.


The online visitors of Tanzmesse enter the virtual space with their customized avatar. In order to meet the diversity claim of internationale tanzmesse nrw, we attached great importance to a diversified selection of avatars - from style to gender - to guarantee a multifaceted virtual audience.


In addition to the visual features, the digital space also includes interactive elements. Besides an emoji and chat function, users can also exchange opinions directly in the so-called audiolands. As soon as the user enters the highlighted areas with their avatar, they join a video call with the other guests.

.ve meets Virtual Reality in Web

The technical infrastructure of the ve. Platform is designed in a way that additional use cases can easily be extended and integrated into the existing environment. Therefore, we used the existing 3D space of the web application to provide it in WebVR as well and thus offer Tanzmesse visitors the possibility to explore the digital space on site - in the most immersive way.

internationale tanzmesse nrw - digital space

"The internationale tanzmesse nrw was able to present a digital program for the first time in cooperation with Demodern. In the dance fair Metaverse, visitors were able to come together internationally in hybrid event formats and experience dance together. The WebVR applications also offered the audience the opportunity to experience art in a new way through new technologies." - Katharina Kucher & Isa Köhler, Co-Directors internationale tanzmesse nrw

internationale tanzmesse nrw

Virtual Event Experience in WebVR