Interactive Metaverse Product Showroom

We accompany Schletter, one of the leading manufacturers of modern solar mounting systems, on their digitization process and journey into the industrial metaverse. For this, we have developed the new virtual home of the company called the "House of Schletter," where the products and services of Schletter can be experienced in a new way.

Solar in the Web

Especially in an industry like solar energy, the fastest-growing power source globally and often associated with high investment sums, contemporary product visualization is one of the most crucial selling points. With the "House of Schletter," the goal was to create a place that presents the benefits of the Schletter product range in detail and at the same time in an accessible manner.

More than a Web Experience

While Schletter could previously showcase its mounting systems either on 2D websites or at trade shows involving high logistical efforts, now an immersive and interactive experience should make the products accessible to a global audience. The foundation for the "House of Schletter" in its current form consists of three rooms: "The Weather Lab," "The Workshop," and "The Hub."

Virtual Space

We wanted to give the Schletter audience a way to explore the mounting systems in detail in a virtual space. The experience is aimed at a broad audience, including solar installers, solar manufacturer, property owners, as well as private and public organizations.

Interactive Product Presentation

The spatial representation in 3D is intended to help better understand the functionality of the mounting systems and familiarize users playfully with their advantages, especially it’s stability. Interactive elements and product overviews form the core of the experience.

VE. Platform

The foundation for the "House of Schletter" is our own corporate metaverse platform solution. This allowed us to ensure high performance even for mobile devices without sacrificing quality in the 3D visualization of the products.

Global Vision with Future

The House of Schletter provides existing and potential customers with an engaging, immersive, and accessible way to learn about and interact with products. The experience is now not only accessible via the company's website but is also used worldwide at trade fairs.


Interactive Metaverse Product Showroom