Case Study

AR Fashion Assist

In recent years, the use of augmented reality has proven itself as a practical feature on smartphones. In addition to its use in games such as Pokémon Go, AR was mainly established for product visualisation purposes for both the automotive industry as well as furniture manufacturers. However, we are convinced that AR features can also be successfully used in the fashion industry in order to introduce a new kind of product visualization - apart from photos and videos.

Explore fashion, realistically and everywhere

With our AR Fashion Assist prototype we are extending the product visualization in e-commerce to a new dimension. Customers can place, explore and individualize fashion products in 3D in their own environment.

Photogrammetry and animation

Using photogrammetry, garments with all details and features are scanned and digitized. Motion capture can be used to animate the digital model upon request.

High-resolution textures and geometry

Through photographs from various perspectives, which are an integral part of the photogrammetry process, high-resolution textures and a detailed geometry are created for each model and garment. Thus, a high level of detail and a realistic appearance of material are also possible in close-ups.

Realistic light and shadow

For the best possible immersion, the rendered models adapt the ambient light of the user. In conjunction with real-time shadows, the application merges the placed 3D models and the video feed of the user.

User-centered and customizable

In addition to a high level of visual details, we used contextual content to provide the user with additional information. These are displayed according to the position and the focused area. Product details can be freely placed on and around the model and then explored by the users. Moreover, users can directly and instantly customize the chosen products. For example, different color combinations can be compared quickly and easily.

  • Colour Chooser
  • Striped Shirt
Advanced optimization for mobile devices

Despite high-resolution textures and animations as well as realistic light adaptation and real-time shadows, we were able to ensure high performance and fluid representations of the 3D models through mobile optimization for current smartphones.

  • Mosaic Optimation
A new mobile shopping experience

Our case study has shown us that Augmented Reality provides users with the ability to discover, experience and personalize fashion products anytime and anywhere, in an innovative and immersive way. Users who have already used our prototype have been particularly prized for their ability to view products in detail from every perspective, similar to an in-store experience and unprecedented in the e-commerce environment.

Case Study

AR Fashion Assist