Tobias on 7/3/2015

Hamburg Hide und Sleek

Demodern is quite new in Hamburg. The Hamburg squad isn't - but we're fresh anyway. We appreciate style and taste. We love action and interaction. Here's our occasional Hamburg link list - showing things that hide themselves.

Full of hidden finds: Blue sleeve, blue eyes, blue velvet. Taste can come without wealth, lads.

Hiding to show: Contemporary art in an amazing surrounding. You gotta enroll for a guided tour - a place of its own within the old Phoenixwerke.

Behind the bushes: We love digital, but we fancy a good dinner more than anything. And this restaurant surely doesn't need a website to be found.

Hide in the attic: Yes, you all know the Clockers Bar and their homemade Gin. But we don't go straight ahead, we prefer going upstairs instead. There you can hide away and get some special treats from the bar.

A haven in the countryside: Oh, the simple life. Like a retro filter on your eyes. Disconnect to reconnect.