Claudia on 3/9/2020

Nominated for emotion Award 2020: Our Director Interactive Storytelling Hannah Johnson

Photo Credit: BVDW by Maxi Uellendahl

Cannes Lions selected her as one of the top 15 creatives globally in 2017. In 2018, she was named as one of "35 creatives under 35" by Horizont Magazine. Today, she’s Director Interactive Storytelling at Demodern, one of Europe’s top creative technology boutiques. Hannah loves to unleash the power of new technologies to tell memorable stories. Whether for entire immersive exhibitions or for AR and VR experiences. She’s also a voice for diversity in the industry, inspiring at events as far afield as Pakistan. And because of this commitment, she has been nominated for the "emotion Award 2020". And now it's up to you - the public voting: Please follow the link, choose the category "Frauen in Führung" and support Hannah with your like until March, 15th. 

What's your profession and job title?

I’m Director Interactive Storytelling at a creative technology company, Demodern. What makes it so special? Well, it’s literally the only job with this title in Germany. And last time I checked, the world. 

That’s because it tackles a uniquely modern challenge: It’s about taking the most cutting edge and uncharted technologies – like AR and VR, or interactive films, installations, and exhibitions. And creating great stories with them. That suddenly makes them feel emotional, engaging, lovable, and human. 

I love my job because it’s all about human emotions. I believe that when innovations are at their best, they work like magic. For me, this is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Since it’s only when technology starts to feel human, can we learn to trust and embrace it. And unleash its full potential.  

Do you have a motto that guides you in your professional and private life? If so, which one?

    Every “no” got me further than any “yes”.

    Why do you do? What inspires you?

    For me, there’s nothing more rewarding than exploring and pushing new frontiers. And through that, inspiring other people. There’s nothing like seeing the look of excitement in people’s eyes when a new idea or a new experience has touched them. And inspiration can be shared easily

    What was your greatest moment of happiness in connection with your project?

    Over an entire year, I worked with an incredible team of over 60 technologists, experts, and designers to develop an interactive exhibition about the hidden areas of the Port of Hamburg: the Discovery Dock. When the mayor of Hamburg Peter Tschentscher launched the experience, it was amazing to witness the visitors' reactions. Joyfully offloading containers ships in a VR. Or playfully interacting with the river Elbe’s animals in a virtual aquarium. But it wasn’t just the visitors that were happy. It was a crucial moment for the entire team. Finally realizing that all the exceptional hard work and passion was worthwhile. And that feels amazing for all.