Demodern on 12/1/2015

Demodern develops virtual reality product catalogue

Digital agency launches configurator application as a benchmark for all sectors.

Hamburg, 30. November 2015 – Virtual reality is very much on-trend at the moment – but up to now only very few applications have offered intuitive experiences and a high user value in one. The Demodern agency is already one step ahead: with loftshift, a virtual product catalogue, the digital specialists are bringing a sophisticated VR application on to the market. Offering the highest visual quality and intuitive operation, the user becomes a designer of their own space and has the chance to experience products in a completely new way before making a purchase.

Using VR glasses, the interior furnishings of a virtual space can be discovered and designed. In addition, the user can access information about different furnishings. By tapping on the touch panel of the glasses, it’s not only possible to intuitively change the design of the space, but also choose between different room and lighting moods and experience the products directly within the space.

For a photorealistic look and the maximum in configurational freedom, Demodern is using high-end 3D renderings. The sophisticated technology enables a product and shopping experience unlike anything that has been seen before. “Our goal was to develop the first marketable configurator in VR, which is highly impressive in terms of visual design and performance. Here the user really becomes part of the experience and a designer of their virtual surroundings. The advantage of such an immersive application becomes particularly clear in the product configuration. What previously took place in people’s imaginations is now becoming a real experience,” says Alexander El-Meligi, Managing Partner at Demodern.

The VR model loftshift can be applied to the most diverse of sectors. Applications for fashion, automotive, retail, interior or other luxury brands and products could all profit from it. “With VR our aim is simply to create relevant applications for brands and their consumers,” emphasises Alexander El-Meligi.

Demodern developed loftshift together with 747 Studios as a prototype for the designer and architect Peter Fehrentz. The digital specialists developed every step of the VR application: from the idea and the concept, to the creative development and interface design, all the way down to the implementation of UX and interaction. For the visual design and CGI, Demodern cooperated with 747 Studios from Hamburg.

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About Demodern
As an independent digital agency with offices in Cologne and Hamburg, Demodern has been creating innovative communication for the digital age since 2008. Under the management of Kristian Kerkhoff, Alexander El-Meligi and Thomas Junk, a team of 32 full-time employees works for noteworthy clients including Mazda, Nike, Edding and Montblanc.

Demodern has already received numerous international and national awards for its work, including Gold at the ADC Europe in 2010 for “Sounds of Hamburg”, two Golden Lions in Cannes in 2011, two Gold distinctions at the New Media Award, for the Edding “Wall of Fame” in 2012 and “The Montblanc Worldsecond” in 2013 as well as the Adobe Cutting Edge Award 2015 for the Nike Digital Retail Experience.

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