Demodern on 6/21/2016

ChariTea: New brand website by Demodern

Hamburg, 16th June 2016 – Digital agency Demodern has developed a new brand identity concept ( for the well-known tea drink ChariTea. As well as redesigning the overall appearance, the brand platform designed by the Hamburg team also includes impressive content: in the form of stories and videos, from now on users can enjoy even more information about the socially responsible drink from St. Pauli in Hamburg – about new products or the social projects that ChariTea supports. “Consciously opting for a handmade look means that the new brand image is very much in keeping with the spirit of our project. Customers are now being given insights into our corporate philosophy, as well as further information about our growing regions and sponsorship schemes,” says Jakob Berndt, CEO of ChariTea.

Authentic brand identities are of particular importance for products like ChariTea. After all, the drink is not only synonymous with fairly traded and organically grown ingredients, but also does its bit for charity: for every bottle sold, five cents are donated to the charitable organisation Lemonaid & ChariTea e.V., which supports social projects in tea-growing regions in South Africa, Sri Lanka and South America. For local schools, solar projects and additional initiatives, more than one million euros have been raised from the sales of the drink so far.

“Parallel to the jobs for our big clients, we always enjoy working for a good cause. We were really impressed by ChariTea’s business model. And on top of that, our collaboration, which has been in place since the company was established in 2009, is always inspiring,” says Alexander El-Meligi, managing partner at Demodern.

The cooperation is already entering into the next round: before the end of this year

Demodern will also be revamping the website for the Lemonaid & ChariTea e.V. organisation.

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