solebox App

Together with the cult label solebox, we have developed an app that brings the brand experience to the smartphones of the sneaker community. In-app raffles, a seamless integration of the webshop and an easy access to blog articles form the foundation of the solebox app. As a premium retailer for sneakers and streetwear, solebox distinguishes itself from other retailers by offering exclusive product lines and innovative store concepts.

A New Era of Sneaker Shopping

Sneakers have evolved from a niche hobby to mainstream pop culture. However, due to the tremendous demand for limited releases, a secondary market has emerged. Therefore, even underground operators have recognized the potential of online raffles and are now - illegally- employing automated bots to maximize their chances of winning.

App Concept for Users

To provide a fair chance to genuine and loyal customers, our most important task was to create a robust security concept in conjunction with an efficient and scalable technical infrastructure. Together with solebox, we developed a user-centric app concept.

From the App to the Stores

Our main focus was designing a seamless raffle journey that transparently guides users through the raffle participation process. Starting with the intuitive input of shoe size and selecting the pickup location to a smooth online checkout without annoying queues. The personalized win-pass rounds it off, making the store pickup an exclusive experience. Store employees, on the other hand, benefit from significantly reduced administrative and organizational efforts.

Content is Key

With the visually appealing WordPress integration of editorial blog content, we expand solebox's presence as a cultural insider that provides the community with the latest information. From current releases and brand collaborations to emerging designers and their projects, we create high retention by continually presenting new and interesting content that captures the spirit of the community.

A large community, strong engagement ... and more to come!

Since the launch, the solebox app has attracted over 200,000 users, with an average interaction duration of 9 minutes. Outstanding ratings of 4.8 and 4.9 stars in the app stores attest to the quality and user-friendliness. Additional features are in the works. Stay tuned!


solebox App