Ferrero Kinder x Flying Steps Academy

Gamified Roadshow Experience

Kinder Germany wanted to bring playful, dance-centred event activations to a younger audience in order to widely promote a positive attitude towards physical activity. After the execution of four unique game stations controlled via a custom game server and hosting app, over 150 children progressed through a dance adventure course in one epic afternoon to experience the joy of moving. And the show must go on: next stop, Munich!

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Interactive games accelerating physical engagement with youth

Kinder's "Joy of Moving" is an expansive project aimed at getting kids excited about being active, and for 2024 they themed the latest edition all around dancing. To help step up their game, we were contacted to conceive new digitally powered activities that would up the ante from past events for the younger generation.

Custom game design making fitness fun

The event consists of a dance-driven interactive parkour that builds up the fundamentals of choreography (rhythm, feet, hands, all together). Here, the technology is nearly invisible, designed to precisely facilitate the custom interactions and enhance the special gameplay haptics that spark joy.

Seamless event hosting via custom app and game server

Powering the entire event setup is our custom game server that networks between the different stations and communicates in the frontend via a local iPad app. From here, event staff are empowered to manage group registration, view the live status of stations, change the active song / difficulty and start rounds independently.

Live recording and video keying with AI

Using OBS studio software we were able to record 4x simultaneous camera feeds live in one stream and then utilise an open source AI for the background removal (video keying) to superimpose them into pre-recorded influencer footage. The image recognition keys the blue background at run-time, and renders the final combined video ready for download within 3min of recording.

Dancing meets innovation through real-time tracking

Each child is simultaneously tracked from start to finish, gathering their metrics and processing their live recorded dance videos at the final station. Finally, a personalised certificate is generated in real-time and printed by the time their session is over, featuring their individual score summaries and a QR-Code link.

Ferrero Kinder x Flying Steps Academy

Gamified Roadshow Experience