Doctors Without Borders

AR Face Mask for Instagram und Facebook

An international campaign for Doctors Without Borders. Using AR filters on Facebook and Instagram, we were able to raise awareness, spark a social conversation, and even shape opinions.

Open Video

Vaccinations for everybody

Vaccines are at the top of everyone’s mind’s the world over right now. But there’s a problem: patents on them means they are no affordable to every human on the planet. This is something Doctors Without Borders wanted to change.

From top of mind to in your face

A campaign designed not just to raise awareness, but change opinions. For this global campaign, #NoPatentsInAPandemic, we created an AR Face filter for Spark AR (Facebook/ Instagram). One that moved this hot topic from “top of mind”, to “in your face” – placing the message on a medical mask.

Changing opinions by raising awareness

By publishing the AR filter on social media channels, we could spark a social debate. As users shared their filter with their friends and the world, the message spread like wildfire. Some well-known German personalities also took part.