Tania on 2/9/2017

IF Design Award 2017 for our IKEA Virtual Reality Showroom

There are many good reasons to celebrate and we want it to stay this way! But now we got a really good one! We were awarded for our IKEA Virtual Reality Showroom in the discipline "Communication". YAY! 

With its “Virtual Home Experience” the IKEA branch in Berlin-Lichtenberg is offering visitors a virtual space in which different lighting moods and décor styles can be experienced interactively. The VR installation is a prototype that is intensively tested, evaluated and ongoing extended. Thanks to its variety of interaction options the application is already offering a real added value for customers at the store: as soon as they put on one of three pairs of permanently installed Oculus Rift CV1 glasses, they can interactively design a living room. And a lot of the components are configurable, from the colour of the wall and lighting down to the Billy shelves and sofa material. A special developed 3D sound completes the immersive experience.