Redefining urban mobility

For the UJET electric scooter product launch we developed a new Mobility App for the modern commuter. The React Native solution delivers smart interactivity, one-of-a-kind private vehicle sharing and dedicated technical services as part of a high end connected lifestyle.

Challenge: Provide a unique digital experience

We were tasked to create a product for the future of the urban transportation industry, providing a connected digital experience to a forward-thinking "city lover" movement. The Mobility App synchronised with a Ujet electric scooter empowers ambition for change, and freedom to move in an inspiring journey.

React Native

In the true spirit of adaptability, we developed in React Native to support fast performance in critical situations, and be scalable for the foundation of a new product launch. Key features like location tracking, chat support and Bluetooth connect required third party plugin compatibility, which we linked with native modules and device functions while using less memory.

React Native

Well crafted, well connected

Dedicated user stories were developed such as private user-to-user sharing, AR compass routing, technical fault alerts and theft alert enabling trust and expertise via niche functionality. Smart connectivity utilising Bluetooth, Wi-fi and Cloud services with leading electronics bring the UJET electric scooter and Mobility App together as one package.

A high tech journey

The Mobility App supports and encourages a UJET user in every move they make. Their typical day might start with a freshly charged scooter, checking its current status and recent activity via the app, then downloading the Full-HD journey recording from their last trip. Behind the scenes are Cloud Services sending live data updates, Push Notifications triggering status feedback, Sim Card validation ensuring the owner and any shared user devices are aligned, Asset Location Tracking providing path routing, and a scooter Wifi Hotspot syncing video media files (all while the proud owner sips their morning coffee).

Smart and sophisticated

With the personality of a concierge, the Mobility App’s sleek design and well-mannered charm assists the user in an articulate and practical way. At the heart of the project was a passion for stylish movement, and unparalleled quality. To evoke this passion we crafted an interface design with fluid motion and visual finesse.

For the love of detail

From Onboarding to Bluetooth scanning—we pixel pushed and animated every aspect of the front-end in order to uphold style and innovation even within areas otherwise overlooked. The art direction evokes such elegance expected from a high-end product using black gradations, sharp SVGs, clean typography, gold accents, and sparse use of an informative neon palette.

Smart and sophisticated Smart and sophisticated
Pushing urban mobility forward

Our collaboration on the UJET electric scooter has made bold moves at industry innovation events such as CES, Vivatech, and the 1.168 Bienelle all in the name of higher quality living. The Mobility App's entry into automotive product design can be best described with the UJET vision — “Combining technology, design and practicality for a better city life”.


Redefining urban mobility