Interactive Brand Experience

Our task was to create a digital brand experience for a modular booth concept which took place in the United States. In only 3 months time, we created an interactive experience consisting of over 28 personalised check-in stations, object tracking displays, multi touch experiences and info-terminals which engaged visitors and created a lasting brand impression. New York based event agency MirrorShow Management, the event lead on the project, designed, planned and fabricated the modular booth and event. Portland based motion studio KaiCon created the media content.

User centered design in the context of installation design

Gatorade wanted to redefine the space off fair booth in the direct competitive surrounding. To achieve this goal, we placed the user at the center of our experience and created an interactive playground around the user. The aim was to take care of the user before the fair started, during and after fair - to create a seamless experience lasting longer than just at the event.

Customized user experience

The customer journey is being held together by the use of RFID tags. Some of these tags were given pre-personalized to users or were configured on site at the fair. The check-in and check-out stations framed the main experiences "Fuel Bar", "Innovation Pipeline", and "Expert Chat". The unique stations invite users to experience the world of Gatorade, use their product and be informed about features, put new innovations into a playful experience on big multitouch screens or invite users into a dialog with experts. Part of the experience is to configure your own individual product with the aim to increase brand awareness.

Customized user experience

Development from scratch

To achieve our goal of a seamless and responsive customer journey, we started from scratch and wrote our own software and implemented our own hardware – to have quick and engaging experience. We created our own frameworks which allowed communication and monitoring of all apps at the booth, examples are realtime user tracking and the "Fuelbar" marker detection.

Marker Detection at the "Fuelbar"

The "Fuelbar" allows users, to place gatorade products on a 32' touchscreen and gain more information about the nutritional values, flavours, use cases and additional information. The tracking of the different products, was implemented by a self written marker detection framework which uses a CNC cut base with various touchpoints. By checking the positions, angeles, ratios of these markers we detect which product and what rotation the product is in. This allows multiple products to be placed on the table and be detected instantaneous. As no cameras, RFID chips and other technology is needed the setup was error proof, additionally as no expensive hardware was inside the products - if users did take them along - no harm was done.

Innovation Pipeline

A 84' touchscreen was the presentation-area for product-style, which were physics based and could be moved and thrown around the experience. Besides the information tiles, product-video and animated 3D products were placed on stage. The background was created using WebGL and also allowed a user to play with the experience and move particles and products around. A autoplay mode, showed videos, animated the background and triggered users also from far away.
All content was managed via CMS so updates could be performed in realtime.

Check In & Check Out

Using networked micro-controllers, we could determine each users RFID and locate and personalise the experience. Visitors movement and actions were tracked in realtime. We used a nodeJS server to stream live data to the other apps on site and our own remote analytics device to see how people were using the experience. Log-In and Log-out stations allowed to customize your tag and checkout the experience.

Gatorade Roadshow

From Baltimore to New Orleans – for the Gatorade Roadshow 2016 we traveled together with MirrorShow Management across the USA. To ensure steady quality, a fast setup and a technically flawless experience, creating a modular design was key to success.

It's about Teamwork

We don't see ourself as a traditional agency trying to push clients into one direction, more as a partner working together to create something which truly works. This project, with its multitude of partners, international people working together within multiple timezones truly shows this. The way we work and how we work together - is as important to us as the work itself.
We believe an open and honest nature makes projects better - and hopefully the results show just that.


Interactive Brand Experience