Interactive 3D Wallspace Planner

For IKEA Germany we developed an inspiration and configuration tool that innovates online interior design. The Wallspace Planner is a user centred tool that features expert guidance, a photorealistic 3D environment, and a WebAR ready mobile-first solution.

An optimised guided web experience

With a dedicated focus on inspiration-first, the intuitive web configurator optimised for mobile enables IKEA customers to discover new ideas and wall arrangements before they dive into a free-form configuration space. Supported with presets influenced directly by IKEA Germany’s interior design department, each user now has a head-start in planning with confidence, and without holes in their wall.

High-end configuration in Unity 3D

After onboarding, we provide a photo-realistic stage environment, customizable in real time to fit any specific dimensions and wall colour. Within a now individual context, users can visualise, plan and enhance their very unique wall design in true detail and upmost quality—without exhausting their imagination or leaving their home.

High-end configuration in Unity 3D

Infinite configuration possibilities

We wanted to create awareness for IKEA’s large array of undiscovered products, while at the same time eliminating the paradox of choice by helping incorporate them into the users compositions. Would a clock, plant, mirror, or plush toy enhance your wall design? Anything is possible and just a click away, opening up a world of possibilities for anyone's needs.

Professional User Experience

To support the users craft and decision making, we have developed an intelligent workstage and assistive interface, familiar from industry design tools. Smart magnetic guidelines support the user in a subtle way while giving them enough control to freely create their compositions.

Vue2 meets WebGL for responsive performance

During technical development we made the conscious decision to bring together Vue2 and WebGL for the most realistic and responsive environment. By precalculating the interior room lighting and using dynamic light for our 3D assets, we were able to achieve the highest quality atmosphere without sacrificing performance. Building a modular infrastructure allows expansion on the product pipeline and serves the ability to adapt the technical setup for future planners in other departments.

Intuitive and contextual interface design

Our team brought together art direction, motion design, and interaction design to develop a product that derives from the visual core of the IKEA brand. Clean UI gives focus to the wall display, while reduced illustration and animation playfully support the overall experience. Micro-animations provide delight while making secondary tool functions easily accessible.

Vue2 meets WebGL for responsive performance Vue2 meets WebGL for responsive performance
Making home furnishing “great again”

As the Wallspace Planner scales and shapes parallel home furnishing departments it will provide a benchmark solution for the future of IKEA’s Finders and Configurators. In result, all who identify with the IKEA family are able to effectively achieve their desired results and effortlessly make a reassuring purchase decision in record time, (with a little help from the experts).


Interactive 3D Wallspace Planner