Techniker Krankenkasse

Digital Game for Trade Fairs

As part of Techniker Krankenkasse's presence at Gamescom 2023, we developed a game that draws attention to the problem of hate speech, engages visitors in communication with the trade fair booth. This way, we not only created awareness for the important topic of the campaign, but also brought the TK brand closer to a younger target audience, especially Generation Z. The game and the concept were developed on the idea and in collaboration with by Lautstark and Serviceplan.

Raise Awareness in a Playful Way

Our main hurdle was creating a game that not only effectively tackled the issue of toxic behavior in gaming but also drew visitors to the Techniker Krankenkasse booth at a popular trade fair. This was particularly challenging since a company like Germany's largest health insurance provider isn't typically associated with the gaming community.

Serious Gaming

Toxic behavior and insults sadly persist in online gaming, negatively impacting gamers’ mental health. We came up with an entertaining game concept for this purpose, which doesn't require complex interactions to learn to keep attention on the important issue.

4 Players, 4 Buzzer, 1 Goal

We created a Unity-based game experience that encourages visitors to combat the “Toxic Monster”, a creature fed on hate speech. Up to four players can join the fight by using a buzzer and perfect timing, to fend off the negative energy of the "Toxic Monster" and transform it into a cute and peaceful creature.

A captivating story

Also visually, we aimed to immerse the players in a captivating storyline that compels them to navigate through mysterious atmospheres. The design of the villain - the Toxic Monster - recalls the iconic features of Godzilla, while the color palette of the different scenes ranges from a mysterious atmosphere to a friendly and harmonious world.

Trade fair booth

To ensure a smooth and continuous gameplay experience throughout the entire trade fair, emphasis was placed on easy operation via iPad by the staff. This way, the customer could determine for themselves when the game should be paused for other booth activities and when it could be resumed.

Message delivered

During the Gamescom, the game attracted over 4,000 players to the Techniker Krankenkasse booth across 1,149 games. This translates to an average of 230 games per day, making the game a consistent hit at the trade show.

Techniker Krankenkasse

Digital Game for Trade Fairs