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Twitch Pre-Stream-Experience for Pringles

Twitch, with 2.5 million simultaneous users in 2022, has become a crucial social network for brands to reach young audiences. To benefit from this potential, we collaborated with Pringles and Intermate Media GmbH to create a revolutionary gamified brand experience that revolutionizes the pre-stream on Twitch. Using Epic Games' "Unreal Engine," we hype the community before streams begin, turning the Pringles’ virtual game room into an interactive, chat-driven, and storytelling-driven experience, exciting the community even before the actual streams begin.

Crisp the Countdown

Until today, the Twitch pre-stream was a barren wasteland where users waited for the gamers before the actual event started. Always full, but incredibly dull – until we opened the interactive "waiting room" where entertainment begins even before the stream. Brought to life by the community itself. With familiar chat commands, viewers have the opportunity to customize the room to their desires, from adjusting the lighting ambiance to choosing snacks. Atmospheric sounds and music complete the immersion.

Let's get started.

The room was supposed to be cleaned and prepared before the stream starts, but the "Room Organizer" - AI with voice control - has been saying since this morning, "I'm sorry, I didn't understand that." Introducing Mr. P, the "face" of Pringles, as a hologram into our Waiting-Room. He takes on the role of moderator and guides the viewers through all the phases - with targeted storytelling that adds the finishing touch to the experience.

Let's get started.

No more boring advertising

The interactive waiting room experience on Twitch is revolutionizing how brands connect with younger generations. Nowadays, traditional advertising falls short of their expectations; they crave intelligent entertainment and active engagement.

Unreal Engine

Using Unreal 5 and Triple-A graphics, we built a virtual gaming room that can be easily integrated into the stream with just a click. Streamers can incorporate the room using pixel streaming in OBS and control it through the web interface. At the same time, viewers can interact with the gaming room via chat commands. To ensure everything runs smoothly, we provided streamers with a small tutorial describing the setup, process, and their tasks.

Retro look with VHS effect

In this futuristic and intricately designed space, we offer streamers a cozy yet unique identity with a variety of personalization options. From posters and signature 3D objects to futuristic logo holograms - every detail adds to their individuality.

Waiting Room inspires streamers and fans

During the promotional period of 3 months, numerous well-known Twitch streamers, including RevedTV, Ava Crown and the e-sports team Eintracht Spandau, were able to use the Pringles Twitch Experience in the run-up to their live broadcasts and make the waiting time really tasty for their fans.

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Brand communication for the future

The new interactive waiting room experience shows how smart brand communication can take place in the future. The virtual game room from Pringles turns the pre-stream into an interactive, chat- and storytelling-driven experience.

Kellogg Germany

Twitch Pre-Stream-Experience for Pringles