BD Rowa

Product Configurator in Web & AR

For the global market leader in automation systems, BD Rowa GmbH, we at Demodern have developed a 3D visualizer that allows the Rowa automated dispensing robots to be experienced in their various models, both on the web and in augmented reality. The new WebGL product configurator shows the advantages of the five different models of the automated system and also simplifies the company's sales processes as a new digital tool.

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Easy access for everyone

When developing the 3D configurator, we pursued the goal that it should provide detailed insight into the dispensing robot and its size as well as functions. At the same time, it should be convincing with its simple, responsive usage and be accessible to a wide audience - on desktop, mobile & tablet.

Website Integration

In order to cover several use cases - sales talks via iPad or product presentations - the configurator was integrated into BD Rowa's existing corporate website via iFrame. A product slider allows users to explore and configure the dispensing robots as 3D models directly through a landing page as well as the homepage.

3D modelling

Based on existing CAD data, the 3D visualization of the Rowa dispensing robots could be implemented. Hotspots on the model provide the opportunity to obtain further information such as texts, images or videos. In addition, a 360-degree view of the interior of the machine can be displayed to allow an even more detailed insight into its function and structure.

Configurator in Augmented Reality

For an even more immersive presentation of the configurator, we decided to make the 3D Visualizer accessible in augmented reality. For this purpose, we use the AR framework Scene-Viewer, which makes the use of WebAR accessible even on aging mobile devices, and thus for a broader target group. Especially the AR functionality underpins the advantages of the product configurator as a sales tool for BD Rowa.

WebGL meets AR

The use of WebGL in combination with augmented reality provides a seamless user experience. Users on the desktop can open the AR function via a displayed QR code with their smartphone. Coupled with the agile technical setup, the BD Rowa 3D product configurator can also be expanded to include other products in the future.

BD Rowa

Product Configurator in Web & AR