Digital Brand Experience.

Another successful year of shows with our partner Mirror Show Management for Gatorade. This year’s focus was all about adding enhancements to the customer experience, through a few large scale interactive additions, to smaller UI and UX updates. We explored new avenues into user-generated content and some contextual mini-games to add a few more lighthearted elements, which culminated in our most successful set of exhibits with Gatorade yet.

Interactive products exploration

Gatorade wanted to enhance the products presence while showing a vast number of information and nutritional details in a clear way. To achieve this goal, we distributed the content based on the subject typology (nutrition, hydration,...) in order to have the opportunity to focus on determined information and keep the attendees involved along the whole experience.

User centered experiences

In order to create a clear and responsive customer journey, we sliced the whole experience into four installations, setting different goals for each stand. Therefore, in some cases, we decided to extend some experiences as multiplayer, while others have been kept as individual explorations.

Keeping up with Gatorade

We kept the G-Bands – RFID enabled wristbands – as the key to fully interact with the installations and collect information. The access to the content has been connected with different game experiences and interactive interfaces, where text blocks have been enriched with videos, 3D models and digital animations.
A social media component has also been included in a more prominent way as a dedicated installation.

The Hydration Cube

The cube installation was at the center of the Gatorade experience. Composed of a 3x3 Meter LED Wall, with a pixel pitch of 2.6mm and additional frontal touch screens, the installation introduced the hydration information regarding highlighted Gatorade beverages. After logging in to a station, users were able to explore the product range or engage in the game, where they had to assign the right beverage to athletes in different scenarios and fatigue level, followed by trivia questions about the products’ main benefits. Players were also able to engage in battle mode with other logged-in participants.

The Innovation Hypeboxes

Our "Hypeboxes" enabled the users to explore the properties regarding nutrition and protein intake of the highlighted products. Contained in a 32’’ Transparent LED box, we developed interactive animation which gave us the opportunity to reveal the products after the users logged in, as well as a better distribution of the explorable content. Within the touchscreen interaction, users were activating animations and received the access to key information.

The Pod Tables

The multitouch pod tables have been improved in the user journey, grouping the large content into several guided tours, which were suggested automatically to the user after the login to the station based on their profile. As part of the journey, we included elements of gamification in the form of mini-games related to the sports activities of the different campuses.

Beyond the Tape Social Wall

The social feature was enhanced in the "Beyond the Tape" installation, in which we included the campaign materials and invited the attendees to take part and leave their personal experiences connected to sports.
The module was composed of a section where users were able to snap a photo, add filters and leave their messages. On the other side, an explorable gallery showcased photos from other participants as well as highlighted stories from coaches and trainers.


All of our enhancements culminated in increased interaction by attendees, made apparent by users watching an average of 5 minutes of content in the booth, and an average of 4 videos seen per user. Using high-tech interactive and compelling, creative content we were able to effectively communicate Gatorade’s benefits throughout the athletic training process.


Digital Brand Experience.