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Digital innovations only feel real when you can experience and learn from them yourself. Our approach for supporting companies and brands on their way to digital transformation: "See to believe".

Digital innovations only feel real when you can experience and learn from them yourself. Our approach for supporting companies and brands on their way to digital transformation: "See to believe".


Innovation Days

With our Innovation Day, we provide teams and companies with simple format for experiencing new technologies, live. Exploring concrete ideas, opportunities and directions with our seasoned experience designers and developers, in workshops and prototyping sessions.

Ideation Workshops

We offer ideation workshops with our experience design teams, with a view for analysing consumer journeys and innovation potential. In single or multi day sessions, products, growth opportunities, and the potential of digital tools and services are examined holistically – always through the lens of creative technologies. From this starting point, numerous ideas are developed in simple formats. Through co-creation, ideas can then be filtered, assessed against business goals and further developed into fine concepts and prototypes. The workshops are also the perfect way to bring project teams together and practice agile processes and methods.

Digital Infusion

Digital infusions, held as a keynote by our UX and Creative Engineering teams give an overview of industry benchmarks, use cases and the current state-of-the-art in digital innovation. Depending on the industry and need, we'll focus on experience design and creative potential, or provide detailed insights into technologies and their application. Both visually and in terms of content, we'll demonstrate to a large audience how innovation is being used, whether by the competition and or in other industries. We've found this is often the starting point for new ideation workshops, applications and prototypes.

Showroom Events

Our showroom event allows for immersive and first hand testing of digital installations and applications. At these regular events, you'll be invited to try out different augmented reality, virtual reality, and gaming experiences for yourself. Over various stations and terminals, recently released products, prototypes and current explorative projects can be experienced. The format can be set up directly in our workshops, at clients or at other external locations. For closed groups and companies, we can provide this as a bespoke solution on request. Highlight installations such as our VR swing are installed at events and trade fairs, inspiring visitors and customers again and again.

Prototyping Sessions

Prototyping sessions and hackathons with our teams offer direct access to ideas and conceptual approaches. Together with UX and Visual Design as well as Creative Engineering, a quick proof of concept can be developed on the basis of specific tasks and scenarios: How performant and convincing are my product representations in 3D? How can conversational services and voice assistants be used for business goals? How can virtual and mixed reality enrich a brand and product experience? Which game mechanics and technologies excite my target groups? This results in direct learning about feasibilities and strategies. Direct integration of the client's product, marketing and IT teams ensures vision and transparency.


Understanding Use Cases and Benchmarks

What can seem to fly by in newsfeeds, sector news or events and fairs can be analyzed together in detail: What are the current benchmarks in digital innovation? How can we transform technology into a unique user experience? Which KPIs are relevant? Which success factors should be considered? Asking and evaluating these questions allows us to identify market gaps, and find unique selling points that will add value.


Expert Consulting

Consulting and coaching directly from industry experts secures not just knowledge transfer and feasibility, but gives cutting edge insights into technologies and developments. Whether it's blockchain, AI and machine learning, voice interfaces, Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality, Progressive Web Applications or WebGL - many technologies can only be better understood by consulting experts. Only then can real potential be identified from trends.


Employee Trainings

Seminars and coachings are most sustainable when they are closely aligned with the daily tasks and goals of teams. Providing solutions to help them to strengthen their work through new technologies and processes. Our formats take place in direct exchange with our teams bringing the strengths of both worlds together – resulting in innovation and change.


Management Coaching

Business strategies and potentials cane easily be developed in theory – but understanding and verifying them is much easier when technology is experienced in practice. This also ensures that innovation is also adopted by management at the right stage in the process. In a relaxed atmosphere, our sessions not only lead to new ideas and a competitive advantage – they are also a welcome source of inspiration and variety.



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