Technical Director

We are looking for a Technical Director - a creative developer and team leader - who is interested in launching and leading new, innovative projects with us.

You will manage and support a diverse team of creative developers and programmers across a wide range of disciplines through leading our technological strategy. We need you to define technical requirements for projects, provide technical plans and look at every detail from a technological point of view, so that we can achieve the best possible qualitative overall result. You will also manage and organize our external service providers, as well as the stakeholder contact for vendors, 3rd party providers and CTOs of our customers.

However, we are not simply looking for a general manager to tell people what to do - but someone who has the desire to get their hands dirty in projects - to see problems before they happen, and to lead by example.

We use various technologies and programming languages ​​to participate in the current zeitgeist of digital communication with our projects. We have long since stopped developing “Internet presences”, but instead create digital experiences that fascinate, move and impress the end user - be it for VR / AR, desktop, mobile, installations, events or whatever else comes to mind. We offer you a job in which you never stop learning and can live out your fascination with the digital-creative world together with our team.

What to bring with you

  • Extensive experience leading teams of developers in the web / app and / or installation area
  • Experience working on large and complex interactive projects from concept to completion
  • Knowledge of code languages ​​that are used on the web but also in the iOT area. WebGL, Javascript, HTML, Unity, Unreal, and other languages and frameworks
  • Commitment, talent and team spirit
  • Creation and presentation of technical concepts
  • A passion for our craft: design, creativity, technology
  • Good references from cool people

You get

  • A salary commensurate to your experience and a meaningful job
  • One of the greatest digital teams in Germany
  • Innovative briefings and projects with great clients
  • Lots of freedom of design and development
  • A great working environment
  • International environment and projects also outside of Germany
  • Unlimited access to the gadgets, tools, and software you need
  • Friendly dogs to pet and cold drinks in the fridge

Please send your application to: