Intern Producing & Project Management

As part of the team, you'll be involved in AR, VR, installations and web projects from the beginning til the end. In a consistent team you work alongside our producers on consulting, planning and all important project processes, structures and sub-projects to support them with your know-how and to learn every day something new. In best case, you did not do this for the first time and, in addition to your training or as a career changer, you are looking for getting more practical experience in a demanding agency. We're not looking for people for the status quo: share your personality, get involved, be interested in the digital industry - and we are looking forward to having you as a full member of our team. Please send us your application not by mail but by e-mail.


  • You want to work with us and bring at least 4-6 months time
  • You are not afraid of dealing with new technologies 
  •  You have empathy and trend awareness 
  •  You show commitment, team spirit and you
  •  ... are autonomous and love to accept responsibility; 
  •  ... work independently, communicatively and structurally; 
  •  ... know the current topics, especially social and digital trends; 
  •  ... are passionate about your activity; 
  •  ... master the common office tools; 
  •  ... are not afraid to communicate in writing and in English.

Please send your application to: