Concept Artist

We are looking for a well-rounded, highly creative Concept Artist to support our ambitious and dynamic team of Screen-, Motion-, and UX-Designers, 3D Artists and 3D Developers in the creation of strong visual styles for our various digital projects. The ideal candidate should have 3 to 5 years of job experience in the games industry or a closely related field, as well as a fascination for innovative technology and digital experiences. This position will offer you a productive environment for sharing your passion and crafting unique worlds, characters, props and scenes. We look forward to your detailed application including work samples, salaray expectations as well as your possible starting date.

Requirements and Skills:

  • Comprehensive understanding of composition, color and light, shapes, perspective drawing, atmosphere and tone, as well as physical proportions, motion and poses.
  • Extensive experience in 2D design and rendering, alongside sketching and storyboarding skills.
  • Excellent skills in Photoshop.
  • Experience in drawing technical poses, reference sheets and paint-overs for 3D Artists and Animators.
  • Quickly and clearly developing new ideas and iterating over concepts during prototyping- and RnD- phases of development.
  • Communicating complex ideas and concepts both visually and verbally to other team members and departments effectively.
  • Developing and realising a wide variety of diverse styles and themes.
  • Strong communication skills in german and/or english, written and spoken.
  • Achieving high quality within defined time limits.

Desired additional Skills:

  • Wide range of mastered subjects, like character design, environment art, architectural design and industrial design.
  • Experience with both Stylized Art and Realism.
  • Experience in 3D Software (Eg. Substance Painter).
  • Experience with instruction of external contractors.
  • Familiarity with 3D Modeling/Texturing/Animation workflows.

Please send your application to: