Backend Developer*in gn Köln · Permanent Employment, Full-time


We are looking for a friendly, creative native digital to enrich our team in the area of backend development.


You‘ll design and develop fast and responsive backends and infrastructure and connect it to interactive experiences of all sorts in an international team. Additionally you will integrate APIs and cloud services of our clients and consult them in terms of technical needs and requirements. With us you will have a lot of creative freedom and we'll always appreciate and encourage you to bring in your own ideas and insights. Because we think creating the best possible experience is always a joint effort.

Technical qualifications

We know that great developers are great learners so you don’t need to check all checkboxes. But here is the stuff we work with:

  • React.js (both web and native)
  • Redux, Zustand, React Query
  • Python, Javascript
  • Next.js, Node.js, Django
  • Realtime Communication (Websockets / WebRTC)
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • Docker, Kubernetes, AWS (including Lambda), GCP and Azure

Professional qualifications

We would love you to bring:

  • 3 or more years of experience in backend development
  • Extensive knowledge in javascript (incl. newest ES**-Features)
  • Experience in Node.js in productive systems
  • Good code quality in terms of security and performance
  • Communication skills
  • Knowdlege about architecture and structure of software
  • Ability to self-manage projects and work within deadlines
  • Curiosity to learning new technologies, as well as sharing ideas and collaborating

Our environment

There is a lot of reasons to work with us. Here are some:

  • We'll keep you up to date with insights into innovative and disruptive new technologies
  • You will work with a highly qualified and sociable team
  • We support a diverse, open and international company culture
  • You will work with state-of-the-art software and equipment
  • Your health and wellbeing is a matter of personal importance to us. There is various provisions from sponsored fitness to professional 1:1 coaching 
  • You decide when you work from home or from our office

What to expect

  • High standards

    Our team of creatives and specialists work very passionately on their projects and love solving challenges down to the last detail. Before starting work we sit down together to define the objectives and specifics of every project.

  • Responsibility

    Here every employee is given a large amount of freedom to realise their potential and independently carry out their work. This is important for ensuring the flow of new ideas and giving our projects a personal touch. On the other hand, no one here expects to be taken by the hand either.

  • Development

    We organise ourselves into small project teams in which every individual, depending on their particular talents and skills, can contribute ideas and take on responsibilities. A classic structure consisting of creative directors and management, which could hold back the teams in their development, does not exist here.

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