Claudia on 10/25/2018

DMDRN Mixtape #30 by Mayssa

C'est fantastique! With mixtape number 30 we are celebrating a decadal playlist birthday and this we would love to share with you! This time at the turntables: Mayssa - our Lebanese Canadian. What's behind this amazing mix of songs she will tell us on her own. 

Mayssa (Digital Producer):

The hardest question you can ever ask me is: “What type of music do you listen to?”
To which I always answer… whatever makes my ears happy.

So far, I have lived in 8 cities - spread over 3 continents - speaking different languages, eating different foods. And one of the most precious things I always took with me, is the music. It stays with you forever.

So - enjoy some of my all-time favourite world tracks! And the beautiful sound of music.

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