Web Development

We are looking for a friendly, creative native digital to enrich our team in the area of creative coding,  You‘ll be in charge of front-and backend development of interactive projects, technical research and conception, but foremost pushing interaction and web technologies together with a very skilled and passionate team of designers and developers forward.

You‘ll have the chance to bring in your own ideas and not only develop websites, but interactive experiences of all sorts and integrate into an international team, who all share the same goal, creating the best possible experience. 

You created medium to advanced frontend websites, played around with physics engines and games, did your part about creating webGl experiences, created applications which use camera tracking, build pages in some sort of CMS (we love CraftCMS ;)) focused on creating touch enabled experiences - and are always open to learning new languages and playing around with new technologies

We digg performance, we embrace it, only a super silky smooth website is one people will look at, so be ready to squeeze every bit of frame out of that CPU and see that 60FPS counter blinking. Clean and maintanable code is a must - you won‘t be working in a dark corner, but together with a group of creative‘s who are just waiting to see what you‘ve been up to.

Desired skills & experience

  • 3+ years of digital design/development experience 
  • Demonstrated experience creating successful digital projects 
  • Excellent understanding of HTML, CSS/SASS, Javascript, Animation Frameworks 
  • A good understanding of at least one of the following: PHP, NodeJS, Java, Unity3D/C# 
  • A background in graphic and/or motiondesign 
  • Strong OOP skills, writing clean and maintainable code 
  • Knowledge of collaborating on projects - GIT 
  • Ability to self-manage projects and work within deadlines 
  • Excited and curious about learning new technologies, as well as sharing of ideas and collaborating. 
  • Able to work in a team but also take the lead on a project from idea to deployment. 

Please contact us by and include some work samples testifying to your abilities and your résumé.

Please send your application to: jobs@demodern.de