Internship Visual Design

We are currently looking for an intern to support our design team at our location in Hamburg. At best, you are in the middle of your studies and know exactly that design is your passion and dream job. Because you should work in your time here with us on your own responsibility and also bring in your own style. But do not worry, we will not leave you in the rain! Get involved, be interested in our projects and we will give it back to you in love and attention. We offer you a place where you can live your fascination with the digital-creative world together with our team of screen and motion designers, conceptualists and developers.


  • You want us and bring at least 4 months with you
  • You have empathy and trend awareness
  • You know the common design tools
  • Commitment and ability to work in a team
  • You know the current affairs on the Internet
  • You feel passion in your activity

Please send your application to: